Underwater Bikini Fashion

Underwater Bikini Fashion

Always wanting to shoot in the water, fashion photography has been something I was keen to try, underwater! Finding the right model is the key to this type of photography. More often than not, it is not a good model that does the job well, but a person that understands dance, graceful moves, almost in a slow-mo dance rendition underwater. The getting the right shot is the next challenge …

From the set-up point of view, this to me is also a big challenge. Underwater lighting is not easy – and getting the lights off camera and as far away from the camera as possible is not easy. Wireless triggers do not work underwater, so the next option is optical cables. These worked well to trigger the lights above water and below water but got a bit messy at some stages, so need to work on that a bit.

But to the shoot, thanks to two great models, Natalie Rautenbach and Clarisse Smallbone, they both came to the party and produced some great images while trying to listen to my directions and suggestions. Not easy, but they made it work which was great. Also thanks to Roxstar Bikinis for the use of their garments, always like to have the images perform some use rather than just pretty facebook images.