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Trish Bahlmann, an ambassador forĀ The Original Getfit Challenge, had a great year in 2014, recording numerous firsts in races such as the Three Falls Trail Run, Mont-Aux-Sources 50km Trail, Golden Gate Challenge (3 day stage race) and most notably the Lesotho Ultra Trail, where she beat some of her biggest rivals. So it is clear that we have someone who is taking the trails seriously and is a serious competitor in all races she enters. For this reason I asked her if we could get out onto the trails, shoot some shots and have a brief chat.

Sessions with Trish:

Anthony: “How long have you been running?”
Trish: “I have been running since I was 10, running mainly cross country. Then out of school I started running a little bit more on the road, but since the birth of my last boy (4 years back), I have been taking running seriously.”

Anthony: “Why Trailrunning?”
Trish: “The part I like most about trailrunning is that it fills your soul. Road running becomes a bit monotonous while with trail running you learn a lot about yourself while out on the trails, and it offers such a variety of where you run, how you run and what muscles you use. It’s just amazing!”

Anthony: ” Which do you prefer more, trail running or road running, as I see you have also run The Comrades Marathon and Arthur Creswell Marathon?”
Trish: “Although I started seriously as a road runner with Comrades providing the BIG challenge. There are various aspects of both I enjoy but at the moment definitely trailrunning is my favourite, being a passion of mine at the moment!”

Anthony: “Why and how did you get involved with Getfit?”
Trish: “My husband did the Getfit Challenge and then the owners, Denver and Neil, asked me what I do. I gave them a rough outline of what I do and was passionate about, they then asked me who is looking after me! I looked at them and asked what you mean, “looking after me!” They then asked me to come on board and be their ambassador, something I could certainly not turn down. They have a fantastic business which they run getting people from not being active to being active and for me the inspiration behind that is what I live by. We have a great relationship at the moment as they support me wherever they can, they have been brilliant to me!”

Anthony: “Who actually develops your training program at the moment?”
Trish: “Claude Eksteen is my coach and he does my training programs. I asked him just after Comrades last year to coach me and he has made a huge difference. The training is different where, before I was concentrating more on distance training, he is not so much into the distance part but covers different aspects of strength training as a result the intensity of my running, when running, is completely different now. Each session has a purpose. It took me while to trust it but now I love it, it was the best thing I have ever done!”

Anthony: “What is your basic training schedule?”
Trish: ” Monday is a recovery session. Tuesday is a double session with a speed session and an endurance session, morning and afternoon, same on Thursday – these are the hard core sessions. Wednesday is a calm session with strength work. Friday is a rest day. Saturday is a strength day again because I have been doing the Warrior races. Then Sunday is the long run, or race day.”

Anthony: “2014 was a good year race-wise, which was the most memorable?”
Trish: “2014 was an amazing year! There were a number of races I had so much fun in. Definitely Golden Gate was one of my favourite as I had so much fun there. There was no pressure there, it was just me running against me. It was amazing! But ultimately it was LUT, just because that was the race I did not expect to do so well as I did. I am still in denial over that race. I went there not knowing the terrein and running against international runners. So LUT was definitely special as it was so unexpected. I still don’t know how I did it!”

Anthony: “Beating Tracy and Su at LUT 2014, how did that feel?”
Trish: “Su went out so hard that I thought I would never see her again. After 7km Su was already 2:30min ahead of me. Tracy said to me at the start that she was not going to race as hard as she wants because she was a bit tired. But I knew they were there for a reason, you don’t enter a race like LUT if it is not going to be a proper race. By the first major hill I could not see Su anymore. Tracy and I came together and we then worked together, which then helped us both to slowly reel in Su. At the last water table they told us we were a minute behind Su and something then just clicked in me and I knew this was my only chance. On the last hill, a 20min climb, I worked extremely hard and passed Su. The the last 6km downhill I just went “bos” andĀ  ran with everything I had. I nearly died at the end. It really made me happy to run against those two girls and compete the way I did as it makes me realize things are working, which is great!”

Anthony: “What’s planned for 2015?”
Trish: “I want to try compete against other runners in other provinces to see where I am in my running, so AfricanX will be the first main one. Then I have Molweni and then I would like to compete in The Otter Run. The biggest goal this year is to try see if I can get into the SA side for the long distance championships which is in Switzerland in August. So that is my main goal and if it happens it will be fantastic! Other than that, I will continue to support the local KZN trail runs, which are in my blood.”

Thanks Trish for your time and good luck on the trail’s this year ….














Sessions with Trish Bahlmann - trailrunningAnthony