Lodge Photography

Specializing in commercial lodge photography, Anthony Grote is available to document your product from the complete perspective, from the interior decor, look and feel images of the hotel/resort as well as activities offered. An entire shoot can encompass anything from aerial photography, life-style photography, food photography, and the exciting outdoors, including all watersports, game drive, scuba diving and basic travel imagery.

A number of options are available to best help portray your product, be it for print media or online travel promotion:

1. Standard 35mm digital imagery – see gallery above.
2. Wide format panoramas – see panoramas.
3. Fullscreen Virtual Tours (360° x 180°) interactive imagery – see virtual tours.
4. Long exposure/time-lapse imagery – used for creation of starscape/night imagery.


Visual Media is the main marketing tool used by all destinations in the travel industry. Enticing lodge photography only helps to sell the product before the client has even spoken to anyone. Using the advanced Digital Technology available today, it is possible to supply images which will help to market your lodge, hotel or resort and be competitive in the hospitality industry. Technology such as image blending, multiple exposure, high dynamic range and perspective correction are all used to enhance the quality of images produced in order to help show off the product you are selling. All these techniques are used to try and supply you with unique and interesting images which stand apart from your competitors.

Still images will be taken of all required aspects of the destination based on the clients needs and instructions. These will then be processed and supplied in both high res (for print requirements) and low res (for online requirements) and supplied on DVD’s.

To view still portfolios for Lodge activities, please visit Lodge Activities page.

My portfolio encompasses images from lodges and resorts listed below …

* Wilderness Safaris – North Island – Seychelles
* Wilderness Safaris – Kulala – Namibia
* Wilderness Safaris – Rocktail Bay – South Africa
* Wilderness Safaris – Mvuu Lodge / Mombo Island – Malawi
* Semonkong Lodge – Lesotho
* African Hotel & Adventures (AHA), South Africa/Zambia/Botswana
* Mukambi Lodges, Zambia
* Kaingu Lodge, Zambia
* Nanzhila Lodge, Zambia
* Royal Zambezi Lodge & Spa, Zambia
* Machangulo Beach Lodge, Mozambique
* Dream Hotels, South Africa
* AM Lodge, South Africa
* Alphonse Island, Seychelles

In order to provide something different and unique, advance digital techniques are available to provide something unique, where possible. Techniques include the following:

1. Virtual Tours / 360° Images: This type of imagery provides the end user with a way to interact with your product online. So rather than the person having a quick look and then move on, they are enticed to visit and view the entire space in a 360° manner. The longer that person spends looking at your product, the more chance he will visit. Hence we provide more than just a flat stills image, but an immersive experience whereby the prospective client can immerse themselves and see more than one view, but the whole 360° x 180° experience. Virtual tours are all about showing off your product in a more expansive manner.

2. Wide Format Panoramas: These basically follow on from a virtual tour scenario, in that the images used to create the virtual tours can also be displayed in a one-dimensional format or flat image. However, wide format panoramas can also be created of scenes in order to show off more than the standard 35mm field of view, allowing the client to see more of the picture than under normal circumstances.

3. Time Lapse Photography: Using motion photography can often provide a nice visual experience for a viewer online. This technique involves shooting still images of a scene for a number of hours and then overlaying them over time to provide a motion graphic which intensifies an experience of a particular scene.

4. Long Exposure Scenes: Often a follow on from a time lapse scene, it is possible to layer a large number of images to create a scene which is quite compelling and different. The best example of this option is what is know as a Starscape. Here still images are taken over a long time period and then layered to produce a scene which shows the way stars move in the sky, but not as dots but as long lines. Depending which way the camera is positioned, the stars will show a circular pattern or arc. This type of imagery can provide something different for your viewers.

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