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Matt Bouman is one of the most respected Ocean paddlers in SA, and so it was finally that I managed to track him down and get him into the studio. Previous weeks he had been hard at training for the Molokai 2012, which, from what I understand, he had put a lot of energy into training for this event. He managed to finish in 8th spot …

Matt has always been one of the powerhouses in the paddling scene, especially in the Marine Series and Winter Surfski Series. A highly competitive and respected Lifeguard, he is more often than not, taking the line honours at competitive meets and competitions.

I know one of Matt’s goals is to win the Surfski World Cup in Durban. He is always finishing within the top 10, mostly in the top 3, with only Hank McGregor or Dawid Mocke beating him to the line. So when 2010 came and we were all waiting on the beach at Amazimtoti, the first person we saw was Matt – we all thought he had it! But then Dawid Mocke appeared from the deep swells, further to the right with a closer line to the finish. Matt hit the beach first but had a further run to the finish than Dawid … it was decided by a mere centimeters, going the way of Dawid! I think that just sums up Matt’s big race success, always there but just oh so close!!

2012 for some reason has not treated Matt well. He has been pipped to the line by other paddlers who he has beaten comfortably in the past and just seems to be struggling a bit. I heard he changed his training routine for the Molokai and also lost a bit of weight … so here I tried to depict a slightly down paddler, retreating to the “shed” to mull over his season and decide on a pathway for the future.

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matt bouman

Matt Bouman - Sports PortraitureAnthony

One comment on "Matt Bouman – Sports Portraiture"

  1. An awesome portrait Anthony perfectly captured just the way you intended to portray him I think. He’s a WINNER in my mind so I would have perhaps personally also liked to have seen him portrayed that way too but non-the-less that doesn’t detract from how powerful this capture is and how sensational this series of sporting images is that you’re currently building. Well done Anthony and thanks for sharing.
    Kind regards,