Lodge & Hotel Photography 2019

Lodge & Hotel Photography 2019

2019 was an excellent year, having the opportunity to photograph a large variety of Hotels and Lodges, not only from different Biomes in South Africa, but also various countries in and around Africa. It is always exciting to photograph in different locations, as it adds a different level to the shoot and allows for new and defining images.

Anthony Grote Photography specializes in being able to cover all aspects of the Hotel and Lodge environment, from interiors and exteriors to fine dining and service. Then activities are obviously what I specialize in, covering all activities offered by Lodges, as well as water activities offered by Hotels on our coastlines, including both on the water and underwater.

I strive to create those defining images which will set you apart from the Hotel next door. It is my passion to create these images and will work until we get the shot. This is what I have done with all my clients, creating strong image libraries for marketing.

One of the additions for 2019 was video. Create a moving story takes time and needs more input to ensure the story is told in the best way. I have created a strategic partnership and together we create moving images that tell your story and allow you to define your product in a new light.

Here is a sample of what we created for Kalahari Sands Lodge:

Below are some defining images from 2019. Contact me to discuss your next shoot:

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