Leveraging your Lodge for Social Media

Are you leveraging your social media platforms to the level that they need to be?

bluemarlinDo you engage with your guests at regular intervals? What about attracting new guests? No doubt you all know about SOCIAL MEDIA! We have all heard about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. The question is, are you using these platforms to their fullest potential? Are you harnessing their power to attract more “bums-in-beds”?

There are a number of tactics on Social Media platforms that will drastically increase awareness of your Hotel or Lodge, and get potential guests excited about their next vacation to your area. It’s all about gaining more views and like’s, more eyeballs in front of your page, for people to spread the word and nothing does that better than VISUAL MEDIA, namely, photos and videos.

So, advanced SOCIAL MEDIA marketing goes beyond the obligatory account set-up and occasional posting. It involves constant interaction, connecting with people and one does this through leveraging latest technologies available to us. Feeding your followers with bite size chunks of info, visual food for the eye’s to draw potential guests to your destination as opposed to another.

RZL-270There are numerous social media tactics open to us to attract viewers to our pages,  but majority of these involve visual media. This is where Anthony Grote Photography comes into play. I create visual components to leverage your social media campaigns to the next level. Creating graphic and motion content to stimulate, create conversations and drive people to your SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES, and then it is up to you to capture them and draw them in to your world, and show them the time they had hoped for.

Anthony Grote has been creating images for more than a decade, and having worked in the Game Lodge industry for 5 years, has some understanding of how the industry operates. I have showcased Lodges around Southern Africa, creating high quality marketing photographs, with many clients requesting I return to update their image libraries.

In order to expand our offering to assist Lodges maximize their online potential, I now also offer various products that enhance a users experience when interacting on SOCIAL MEDIA platforms. To gain more details on these, please contact me so we can discuss them further. This, obviously, does not steer away from the fact that I still create a media showcase of your Lodge (whether you have built a new Lodge or done renovations), I can photograph your Lodge from the inside out, together with all your activities on offer, and supply these images in high and low resolution which you can use for all print media, as well as for online social media platforms.

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Leveraging your Lodge for Social MediaAnthony