Grant van der Walt – Sports Portrait

I decided to do something slightly different with Grant and luckily he was up for it! Although showing little of what he does, Grant is a vastly improved paddler from when I first met him a couple of years back. He has shown plenty guts over the last few seasons, and since he has joined forces/team-up with Hank McGregor, he has made hugely impressive strides in his paddling. He often partners with Hank in the doubles, the two winning the Umko Marathon and numerous surfski races, together with numerous Marathon Champs.

However, in singles he is fighting to take one off Hank – hence the reason for the image! I see Grant as someone shouting out for that K1 win, gritting his teeth as he grinds away for that top spot. Based on his previous growth, I sure it will come soon in the near future. Adding some spice, the background mimics the expression …

Grant van der Walt - Sports PortraitAnthony