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Commercial Photographic Services

Specializing in digital media content

Photography, Videography & Websites

I am inspired by shooting great photographs in great destinations – producing images of places and events which show off to people what a great world we live in. I strive to provide companies, lodges and advertising agencies with powerful imagery to promote their product the best way possible and in as many mediums as possible. For your Lodge Photography, or Hotel photography, look no further …

Over the last 14 years I have produced high quality imagery for numerous local and international Hospitality companies and brands, being used for advertising, commercial and print media (magazines and newspapers). In the process of capturing these images I have always driven myself to shoot unique, creative and captivating images, always trying new methods and angles to provide the client with the best image possible.

Lodge Photographer – Hotel Photographer
Sport photographer – Underwater photographer

Lodge Photography by Anthony Grote - creating spectacular visual marketing content for lodges


Lodge and Resort Photography

Shooting images of accommodation, both interior and exterior, including facilities and all types of activities (from game drives, sporting activities and even underwater photography). View my lodge & hotel photography portfolios

Sports Photography

Shooting all types of sporting events from Paddling, Surfski, Beach Soccer to Mountainbiking and Road Cycling. Always ready to capture a unique image and angle, for both news and print media. View my sport photography portfolios

Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Shooting stylized imagery of building and developments for Architects and Developers for advertising and print media promotions. View my Real Estate portfolio ….

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography was where it all began for me! It offers such a vast array of opportunities with something always happening on the reef. I have been blessed with opportunities to dive in many countries, and have experienced many beautiful and incredible things underwater. View my underwater photography portfolio ….


Anthony has taken pro photos of our camps over the years and we are extremely happy with the high quality of his work.

Marita Dyason - Owner - Spear Safaris

Ant's work has provided us with superb images for press and social media. With visual interaction with our clients so vital in marketing in the modern era, the beginning of any marketing campaign is the quality of the images you use to portray your product/service.

Stu Berry - Owner, Impi Concept Events

A pleasure to work with Anthony on a number of photographic projects. Professional service and beautiful photos!

Nicola Gerrard - Owner, Love Africa Marketing

Amazing attention to detail, a great eye and superb pix.

Steve Smith - Owner, Nanzhila plains Lodge

Anthony is professional and very easy to work with. His photos are also brilliant. We will use him again.

Natalie Clark - Manager, Royal Zambezi Lodge