Beauty in devastation at Lake St Lucia

El Nino has a firm grip of South Africa at the moment, with places like the Free State virtually dry! The northern KZN has not been spared, with vast areas experiencing desperate water shortages. Lake St Lucia has not been spared! A shallow lake system forming a vast ecosystem in the northern areas of KZN, normally flush with water which creates a wealthy of life and activities in the area. However, that has been drastically changed. In fact, the drought there is overwhelming. Death is knocking at the door of the weak. Survival of the fittest in is full swing, with only the strong genes surviving.

I have long since wanted to go photograph the situation there! So decided to go up this last weekend. But I thought is would be good at add a twist and show the devastation against the the beauty of Yoga. Helen Garner Weaver went up with me and we worked around the Lake. In actual fact, we walked into the Lake at one stage, more than 500m without getting to water. The False Bay area is totally dry, with the Charters Creek area only having signs of water in the very middle of the Lake.

It is devastation everywhere, with fish skeletons lying everywhere! Small antelope that obviously perished in the search for water, and then various other larger skeletons are to be found everywhere. Then the hidden jewels, fossils that are normally covered with water, are now exposed, can be viewed! Really fascinating to walk around and find little jewels of nature and history.

This is an incredible place, but unfortunately has been thrown into the grips of El Nino for now. But have no doubt it will recover as soon as the rains come …


















Beauty in devastation at Lake St LuciaAnthony

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