Ant Stott

For all the years I have been shooting paddling, Ant has been a supreme paddler, and no doubt he was before I started shooting. My clearest memory of Ant was on Day 2 of the 2009 K1 Dusi Marathon, when after Day 1 he was more than 2 minutes behind Mike Mbanjwa, only to come screaming past me on the Ngumeni Hill portage where he caught Mike in the most impressive fashion, and then to go on and win the K1 title for that year.

Ant has a whole array of titles, from many Drak Challenge wins, Dusi K1 and K2 titles and Lowveld Croc, which he won again in 2012 in great fashion, to name but a few!

Depicted in this image is Carisbrooke Rapid on the croc river. I took the rapids image just before Ant went through to take the title and his record 8th win of the Lowveld croc, and then got Ant to visit the studio to complete the image ….


Ant StottAnthony