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My interest in photography started back in the early 90s when I started shooting bird photography while studying. My interest developed further when I bought my first camera, a Canon T90, while working and managing game farms in the Lowveld. While working there I was introduced to underwater photography and there was no turning back. It took me a number of years to finally own my own underwater housing but since then, that is all I focused on for a number of years.


With there being little financial income related to underwater photography, I had to move out and broaden my expertise. My main feeling was to try keep it involved with water as I love the effect water gives to an image when combined with action. At the same time I was asked by friends to second them in the Dusi Canoe Marathon and this initiated my involvement in canoeing today. Now I shoot river canoeing, and surfksi racing as my major sporting interest. But as time goes, I have become involved in other sports as contracts come in. These have included beach soccer, mountain biking, trail running and lifesaving to name a few.


With my love for the bush still burning deep, I felt to combine all my passions by offering my services to the Hospitality industry. This afforded me the ability to photograph in the environment I love so much, the great outdoors!

Luxury Lodge Photography


I’m passionate about creating images that tell a story, your story, your unique part of the world and why travellers should visit….

Sports Event Photography

Sport has always been in my blood. Being a keen sportsman myself, I am always excited about covering an event and showing people the excitement of that event.

Hotel Photography


Enticed by creating top quality imagery for the Hotel Industry, be it corporate travel or Vacation, showcasing your destination is a top priority.

Videos for Travel industry

A recent new addition, I either collaborate or shoot myself. But creating enticing motion images for your marketing & PR is just another exciting way for us to assist you.

Specializing in digital media content creation

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