About AGP

My interest in photography started back in the early 90′s when I started shooting bird photography while studying. My interest developed further when I bought my first camera, a Canon T90, while working and managing game farms in the Lowveld. While working there I was introduced to underwater photography and there was no turning back. It took me a number of years to finally own my own underwater housing but since then, that is all I focused on for a number of years.

With there being little financial income related to underwater photography, I had to move out and broaden my expertise. My main feeling was to try keep it involved with water as I love the effect water gives to an image when combined with action. At the same time I was asked by friends to second them in the Dusi Canoe Marathon and this initiated my involvement in canoeing today. Now I shoot river canoeing, and surfksi racing as my major sporting interest. But as time goes, I have become involved in other sports as contracts come in. These have included beach soccer, mountain biking, trail running and lifesaving to name a few.

Another interest which I have worked on in later years is architectural photography. I love shooting in low light conditions, balancing outside ambient light with interior lighting. The natural next step was to use this commercially and try and market more lodge and travel destinations, adding in panoramas, time lapse and virtual tours.

Somewhere along the way I decided to add web design into the frey, as I was tired of paying to have my website updated. It has become a constant challenge to keep up with the changing framework of web development and the numerous platforms. But I love the challenge , just don’;t have enough time to get it all in!

Thus at present I freelance as a photographer and online media developer – available for photography and development work worldwide.

At present I specialize in the following Photographic fields:
River Paddling
Surfski Racing
Adventure Sports
Sporting Events
Real Estate
360° Immersive Imagery
Virtual Tours

Web Development include:
Basic HTML web development
WordPress CMS development

For a list of client and achievements, please visit my Commercial page….

About AGPAnthony